Wall hanging book nook. Booknook. Bookshelf insert. Bookshelf in hollowed out book. Diorama. Miniature library. Eco friendly. LED lights. (Copy)


This is a miniature library book case, inside a real book. I have hollowed out a real book and built the bookcase inside it, and the pages of the book are still visible around the edges. It can still be placed like my other book nooks, but this is designed to hang on the wall. The shelves are filled with books and various little knick knacks, I have made all the books and little ornaments myself, well apart from the plant, and shell that is real. This is wall hanging, and looks great hanging on the wall mixed in with your picture frames. Great gift for book lovers, and for the person who has everything!
It is also freestanding, so place it in front of your books, mix it in with your books, put it on a shelf, on a mantelpiece, it really would fit in anywhere. I research vintage book covers, and on some of the books I have made you will be able to read some of the titles on the book fronts. Think I should mention the title of this book is ‘Not dead yet’…. may not be the ideal gift for the Mother-in-law……
This has little LED lights lighting up the inside, the switch is right at the top edge and easy to switch on and off. Please note, I am in the UK and this will be supplied to UK buyers with batteries, but overseas sales due to customs, will have no batteries. They are easily sourced CR2032 batteries.
I like my creations to be eco-friendly, so I upcycle where I can. Made from modern day used books, I only use the best I can find, but please allow for minor blemishes. This is the size of a usual hardback fiction book, aprox. 9.4” tall, 6.2” wide and 1 1/2” deep.
I can combine postage on these wall hanging books, so if you want more than one, please message me for an accurate combined cost.


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