SOLD….Bookshelf art. Book Nook Diorama. Bookshelf insert. Cosy chair in library with table and drink, with LED lights. Ski, skiing fabric.

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Liven up your book shelf with this book nook shelf insert. There are 6 LED fairy lights in the ceiling in copper light shades, and these really glow when turned on in the dark, they are warm white lights. This is a rather cosy chair made with some silk fabric with people skiing on it, on the chair, and on the footstool, with a couple of cushions, there is a small table which has a three books, a kit kat and a mug of something hot on it. There is a pile of books on the floor, and a silver filigree bottle…..actually it’s one of my earring from the 80’s, I was so hip back then (not!) The background is a photo quality image of a library. I made the chair ( thanks to Hubby for the old tie) the table, books , foot stool and the cushions myself, most from things destined for the recycling bin. There is an option to add a figure at an additional cost of £8.
The battery pack is attached at the back for ease of changing the batteries, and the switch is at the top of the book at the end of the spine.
The book is black with black finishing , and measures just under 9 1/2″ tall, the book is just over 6″ deep, 7 ” including battery pack, almost
6 1/4″ wide at the front then tapers towards the back. It uses 2 AA batteries.
Hand crafted by me, taking quite a few hours, and made from upcycled books, so please allow for minor blemishes . Yes I treasure books but lots of unwanted hardback books end up in landfill as they can’t be recycled. Rest assured the pages from the books I use have been removed from the spine, and recycled.
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