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Brighten up your bookshelf, with this miniature room Book Nook shelf insert. made from upcycled hardback books. This Booknook diorama has led lights in it, and is a bookshelf insert to slot between your books, but you can also use it as a bedside light, on a table in your hallway, on a shelf your desk or anywhere you can fit it! My book nooks are fully assembled and ready to go, and I post frequently during the week
This is a bookcase in a book, I have bought the bookcase to the front so everything can be looked at clearly! I made the book nook itself, the bookcase, most of the knick knacks, and the heaps of books myself. I make most of the contents myself, a lot from things that were destined for recycling.
The bookcase is heaped with books, and various little knick knacks mingled in with the books. There is plant, real shell, various little things scattered about, each book is made individually by me. There are lights on every shelf, some in coloured shades. This does not throw out light like the others I make, the light is more contained in the book nook, these are bright white lights so give a nice bright glow, they are battery operated and takes 3 AA batteries. The battery pack is located at the top of the spine, meaning you don’t have to move it to switch the light on and off.
Approximate measurement are, 3.4” wide at the front, 9 1/2 tall, and 7” deep including the battery pack. Hand crafted by me , and taking many hours, and made from modern day, in great condition, upcycled hardback books, but please allow for minor blemishes on the outside of the book. Adult collectors only.
© Valerie Smith.
Ref. BN.228

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