Light box book nook, stained glass window effect, upcycled books, led fairy lights, Wolf howling at the moon.

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This book nook light box is made from upcycled books, you can fit it on your bookshelf between your books, put it on a shelf, use as a bedside light, or put it anywhere it will fit. I have made this one to look like a stained glass window, the image is behind a hard acrylic front, and lights up when the LED lights are switched on. These are bright lights inside, so it really lights up when it’s dark.
Featuring a fabulous image of a Wolf howling at the moon.
I like my creations to be eco-friendly, so I upcycle where I can. I handmade the book nook from modern day, recycled used books, I only use the best I can find, but please allow for minor blemishes. Measures approx. almost 6” wide, 9 ½” tall and 7” deep. Battery operated and takes 2 AA batteries. The battery pack is located at the top of the spine, meaning you don’t have to move it to switch the light on and off.


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