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Virus update. Ok so here we go again! The UK is going into lockdown next week 5th November until December 2nd. So if you want to order for Christmas do it asap! All my book nooks are made and ready to go, some may need the chair or a figure gluing in that takes minutes, and will dry overnight. The post office will remain open, and luckily mine is 5 minutes away, and I can post most days apart from Sunday. Liven up your book shelf with this book nook shelf insert.
This is a new design, well sort of! a pared down version of the cosy chair in library. Time is my most costly material, so I have shaved hours off that to bring this more minimal one, and of course it will be cheaper as less things to make! I made the cosy chair, there is a red cosy chair, with a tabby cat sitting in it! I can remove the cat is you aren’t keen ( awww) he isn’t glued down yet. I made the pile of books, and perched on there is a hot drink and a chocolate bar.
There are 8 lights clustered into two shades. These are bright white, so give a nice bright glow.
The battery pack is attached at the back for ease of changing the batteries, and the switch is at the top of the book at the end of the spine.
The book is deep red with black finishing , and measures just under 9 1/2″ tall, the book is just over 6″ deep, 7 ” including battery pack,
just over 3 3/4″ wide. It uses 2 AA batteries. The background image, is a photo quality image of a library.
Hand crafted by me, taking quite a few hours, and made from upcycled books, so please allow for minor blemishes on the outside of the book . Yes I treasure books but lots of unwanted hardback books end up in landfill as they can’t be recycled. Rest assured the pages from the books I use have been removed from the spine, and recycled.
Adult collectors only.
©2020. Valerie Smith.

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