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Brighten up your bookshelf, with this Book Nook shelf insert. made from upcycled hardback books. This Booknook diorama has led lights in it, and is a bookshelf insert to slot between your books, but you can also use it as a bedside light, on a table in your hallway, on a shelf your desk or anywhere you can fit it! My book nooks are fully assembled and ready to go, and I post frequently during the week
This is an old fashioned secondhand book shop, or is it second-hand, the internet can’t decide! I made the book nook itself from books, I made the shelves, all the books and scrolls, the little heater that lights up, the old fashioned cash drawer, the paper bags, the ladder.. .. In fact I have made everything myself apart from the mug , this has taken me days to make!
There are lights clustered into a lampshade, and behind the shelves, there are lights in the fire making it glow red, these are warm white lights so give a nice warm glow, they are battery operated and require 2 AA batteries. The battery pack is located at the top of the spine, meaning you don’t have to move it to switch the light on and off. Approximate measurement are, just over 5 1/2” wide, 9 1/2 tall, and 7” deep including the battery pack. Hand crafted by me taking quite a few hours, and made from modern day, in great condition, upcycled hardback books, but please allow for minor blemishes on the outside of the book.
I am UK based, and orders are sent Royal Mail.
Adult collectors only.
© Valerie Smith.
Ref. BN 353


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