Mini Book Nook Bookshelf insert, Booknook. Diorama, Miniature room, Eco friendly. Cosy chair, andDog.

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Decorate your bookshelf with this little mini Book Nook, miniature room shelf insert. made from upcycled hardback books. This mini Booknook diorama is a bookshelf insert to slot between your books, but you can also use it in front of your books (if you have room!) on a table in your hallway, on a shelf, your desk or anywhere you can fit it! This is a miniature library scene, set on a small book with the pages edges showing, the background is a photo of book shelves. The coffee table has a mug of something hot, a chocolate bar, real shells, and a note pad and pencil. I made the mini book nook itself, the cosy chair, the table and books myself. I decided to make some smaller little scenes as they can fit in smaller spaces, I made this small enough to possibly fit under a lamp as well. This scene has a cute dog.
Approximate measurements are, 4 3/4” wide, 6” tall, and 6 1/2” deep. Hand crafted by me and made from modern day, in great condition, upcycled hardback books, but please allow for minor blemishes on the outside of the book.
Adult collectors only.
© Valerie Smith.
Ref. BN 337


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