Folded book art. The word, Sisters. folded into pages. Book origami. Book fold.

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This is a folded book art, book sculpture, origami folding book! The word Sisters has been folded into this book. Great gift for your sister, or a friends who is like a sister! The book is 9 1/4″ tall and made from an upcycled deep red hardback book, in great condition this book has a new life as a piece of art. You can display the book open, or put it in with your other books to close it slightly, or use the simple sliding knot, adjustable black cord that comes with it. The dark bits that show on the image, in different places,are just the camera shooting right to the back of the book and making it look darker, this happens when you look at it straight on.
Should you have a ‘reading emergency’ you can unfold the pages and read the book!

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